About – UDS AD Media Sdn Bhd


UDS Admedia focuses primarily on provisioning of medium to high end advertising, marketing services and solution. In addition, the affiliation with a number of local partners enables us to provide an array of services ranging from the development of communications strategy through execution of planning to negotiation and implementation. We also organize campaigns across countries and regions, working closely with clients. Our service is underpinned with the latest in research, tools and systems.
Securing competitive deals and managing our clients’ media investment is fundamental for UDS Admedia and our critical volume ensures favored customer status with powerful media owners. UDS Admedia goes above and beyond traditional media research, planning and buying.


  1. We discover the secrets that motivate consumer behavior. We move far beyond the questions about what people want and start disseminating what they care about how they spend their time, money and ultimately on how they define themselves. They hold the answers to many important questions we seek to understand. Only then, can we successfully enter into their world.

  2. We develop unique media properties and will take the opportunity to create a suitable environment for them. We are committed to be pioneers and explorers and promise our clients and ourselves to present the right branding to the right people in the right way.

  3. We measure our success against numbers. Did we deliver? Did the brand capture more momentum? Greater market share? More power?  We let the numbers do the talking for us.


  1. UDS Admedia’s mission is an intellectually rigorous yet executionably flexible way of working. Enabling us to work smarter, be sharper and ensure that your brand stays ahead of the competition. Unlike other processes, UDS Admedia fuses the science of media with the art of media, to create efficient, effective and distinctive communications strategies.

  2. Successful communication demands both ingredients, requiring the application of insight to fuel ideas that deliver results.

  3. In addition, UDS Admedia has invested in the development of key media specialist units designed to further enhance the effectiveness of the world’s media.


  1. Consumers are central to our planning philosophy that we urge clients to apply our proprietary tools at the preliminary stages of their own consumer research.

  2. These tools are designed to develop insights into the role of media in people’s lives. ” How many potential consumers can we penetrate with this medium?” ” What is the best way to spend our media Ringgit” We buy all of the key syndicated research tools and systems to help provide the answers and draw on our own resources to enhance our efforts.